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Companies we partnered with


Topsort is a two-sided platform that enables marketplaces and retailers in over 35 countries to build their advertising businesses and advertisers to allocate their marketing budgets in retail media. The company provides advertising infrastructure for marketplaces and a new product based ad-network made by marketplaces to advertisers.


Minu is a platform utilized by businesses to provide employees with a diverse range of benefits, including healthcare services, support with insurance, and the ability to access earned wages ahead of payday. Companies using Minu experience improved retention, productivity, and increased interest from new talents.

Triple Session

Triple Session is a Sales training and knowledge scoring platform that enables sales teams to measure and promote their skills while helping managers to make data-driven decisions

Wildlife Studios

Wildlife Studios has secured a place among the upper echelon of the global mobile gaming industry, ranking and is one of the top 10 mobile gaming companies. The studio’s impressive portfolio boasts a lineup of highly successful mobile game titles, including the immensely popular Tennis Clash and Zooba.


Olist is an online tool that has achieved remarkable growth in Brazil and is designed for shopkeepers of all sizes. The platform functions as an e-commerce platform that facilitates the connection and registration of merchants and their products to the leading retail sites in Brazil. With its advanced technology, Olist has enhanced the lives of over 30,000 shopkeepers who benefit from its sales and marketing platform on a daily basis.


Tipspace is a gaming company that allows players to increase the stakes of matches by allowing them to bet real money on themselves. The company has developed a platform that enables players to earn money playing their favorite games by betting on themselves versus other betting players, by challenging friends to 1v1 matches and by participating in tournaments.


IndaBand provides a digital studio experience enabling seamless collaboration across musicians, amateurs, singers, dancers and anyone willing to create and play with music. The digital studio is embedded in a social media layer with feed and communication features, combined with creators’ economy tools such as exclusive content subscription and collab with fans. Indaband provides a proper channel for musicians and singers to engage and monetize their fan base, while doing what they love


Worc is an employability platform that exists to promote matchmaking in the foodservice industry. By connecting workers to restaurants, Worc streamlines the whole hiring process, while providing job opportunity for potential employees.


Salu is an occupational health SaaS operating in a regulated market with traditional analogical players. Salu removes from the HR Department all the pain in being compliant with regulation, while empowering its clients to improve healthcare management.


Arch is a decentralized finance (DeFi) asset manager and investment platform designed to power passive investing in the web3 economy. Arch provides access to tokenized index-style products on an easy-to-use platform, helping investors build a well-diversified crypto portfolio.


Nilo is building an integrated relationship management and care delivery solution that allows healthcare businesses in LatAm to deliver the right care, to the right patient, at the right time. By bringing technology and care teams together, Nilo enables its clients to build close relationships and create integrated patient-centric journeys.


B2B SaaS focused on condominiums, streamlining property management operations while providing transparency and flexible payment methods for residents.


Medway is an EdTech aiming to improve the quality of healthcare in Brazil. The company offers a fully digital experience through training courses aimed at different stages of the doctor’s learning journey including medical school, residency, specializations, and continued medical education.


DEUNA is the e-commerce operating system that enables a pioneering 1-click checkout buying experience. The company is focused on solving the top three challenges merchants have in Latin America: conversion rates, payment acceptance and fraud prevention. DEUNA’s SaaS solution handles payments orchestration, payments processing, fraud prevention and customer life cycle management based on real-time analytics.


Abstra is a no-code software development platform, which enables businesses to create apps and websites without coding skills. The platform empowers designers with a visual drag and drop interface, optimizing time and cost for businesses.


B2B SaaS platform focused on gathering a large volume of customer feedback and generating actionable insights to prioritize key features, optimize product and positioning, identify emerging trends, and monitor competitors, through cutting-edge AI technology.


Digibee helps enterprise organizations solve complex enterprise integration challenges across critical business systems through a no-code / low code platform. The solution improves developer productivity and is built for the tech and traditional organizations with growing IT complexity.


BotCity is an RPA platform for tech teams. BotCity’s vision is to create a globally accessible technology that allows any developer to build and orchestrate bots using Python + computer vision. Botcity’s bots can automate and integrate processes within any system/platform (i.e., web, desktop, black screen, terminal service and legacies).

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